Dezert People 12 LANDS in Aus – with HUGE Australian Lineup!

DP12 Front

Dezert People 12 has hit the OFFROAD CARTEL Warehouse and is OVERFLOWING with Awesome Australian Content!

Featuring Billy Geddes, Brad Gallard, Luke Erceg, Shawn Swaffield, Josh Curran, Jack Rhodes, Shannon Rentsch, OBR, Luke Ayers, Kent Battle and other awesome event footage – this is one DVD that every dirt head should have in the cabinet!

AND we are going to kick off the party RIGHT! How about $9.95 straight off the top of the BRAND NEW Dezert People 12 DVD………. pretty good – well we know you also want to make sure you stock up on the other awesome DVDs from the Dezert People Range – so we are doing Dezert People 9,10 & 11 in a super pack from now until Dec 31st for $75…… LUDICROUS!

These are some spot on stocking packers for the Dirt Freak in your life!


Head straight to the Offroad Cartel Store - – to grab yourself a killer deal – and remember ALL orders over $100 receive FREE shipping. Zip, Nadda, Nothing…. That’s a good deal when you are already saving yourself a bucket load!

DP12 Front

DP12 Back


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by Danny Curran