Offroad Cartel Head’s to DonnyBrook for CQBBBB

MM 3

After a crazy week of packing orders, packing DVDs and then packing swags – the Offroad Cartel Crew finally made it’s way North to Donnybrook Station just west of Mackay for the Annual C.Q. Bikes, Bulls, Buggys and Bands event. With a full assortment of Offroad Cartel Product in tow as well as the #41 Offroad Cartel Jimco the weekend was gonna be all about FUN – and FUN it was!

After setting up the stall in the main vendor way – Emma got down to business – and the order of business today was doing some great deals on DVDs and Multipaks of Tees! Lots of keen DirtSports Enthusiasts grabbed themselves a bargain and it was a great opportunity for us to show off our gear to a completely new crowd – as the majority in attendance where Moto guys and they were all pumped on the new 2015/16 Summer Lineup of OC Gear.


Stall at CQBBBB


Emma on Stall


After the work was done it was time to get the #41 Offroad Cartel Jimco out and have a couple of hot laps to get a feel for the track.

Now if you were ever even considering coming up to race this event – DO IT! The track is flowing and fast, with jumps, bumps and kickers that are perfectly set – this is seriously one of the funnest short courses that we have ever had the enjoyment of playing on! And with the option to run as many laps on the Saturday as we wanted to get our times – PLAY WE DID!

A couple of lucky punters and media crews even got themselves a ride with Mick Marson (#32 Racer Engineering ProBuggy), Kent Battle (#883 Extreme 4WD Patrol) or Dan Curran in the OC Jimco. One of the crew that were hanging round was none other than the team from BLOKESWORLD and they nabbed themselves some great footage including a no-doubt comical interview with Nortrans Racing’s Kent Battle!

KB Blokesworld

Also a lucky 18th Birthday Boy that had been working the event got given the call up and went for a JoyRide with Dan Curran in the #41 Jimco

41 Joyride

So with the entertainment out of the way it was down to business again as Mick Marson top qualified with Kent Battle in 2nd and Dan Curran on the hunt sitting in 3rd outright with a 20plus strong field (ranging from Winch Trucks, SxS to Full Blown 800HP ProBuggys) all hungry to take home their slice of the Dash For Cash on Sunday Morning! With $3000 of prize money up for grabs it was worth hanging it all out for a taste of that sweet champagne! PLUS there is no way that anyone would ever hear the end of it if Kent won….!!!

Being that #32, #883 and #41 were the top qualifiers on Saturday – that meant that they were the final group to run on Sunday (7 heats of 3 cars each) running 6 laps of the track all at the same time! After some high quality smack talk between the trio, the boys got busy on the steering wheels and mashed the throttle….!

What initially looked like an early run away win for Mick Marson quickly became an epic 3 way battle as Mick exploded a rear brake rotor on his Racer ProBuggy forcing him to slow his pace slightly and Kent and Dan quickly attacked the time deficit with Kent Battle making up 5 seconds on Mick in the very last lap for a PHOTO Finish!

With just milliseconds seperating 1st and 2nd and just 4 seconds back to 3rd – the final results were TIGHT! But in the end it was unchanged from their qualifying positions with Michael Marson 1st, Kent Battle 2nd and Dan Curran 3rd. Taking home $1500, $1000 and $500 respectively for their efforts.

MM 3

MM 2

MM 1

KB 1

KB 2

KB 3

KB 4

KB 5

KB 6

41 1

41 8

41 9

41 Trophies


Thanks to Doug from Donnybrook Station for the awesome weekend – Todd Atfield and his band of enthusiasts that put on the racing over the weekend and to all the event volunteers that made the event happen!

There was even a GEDDIT RACING spotting in the wee hours of the evening as the Music Cranked and the Beers Flowed!

Geddit 1


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by Danny Curran