LockNLoad W.E.Rock WrapUp

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W.E. ROCK Australia round 3 Wellington, NSW – Done and Dusted!
#346 finishes 5th.


We arrived around 11am on Friday with clearing skies.

There was plenty of moisture around from a few days rain prior.
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We set up camp and headed to check the courses out. Instantly we could see what we were in for, the tracks looked great. Lots of drop offs, steep climbs and off camber gates. James and AL were taking the courses to another level from round 2.

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Friday night was spent catching up with all our friends around the fire drum.


Saturday morning the alarm went off at 6am, with drivers briefing at 8am we stoked the fire and started preparing our selves for the day. Intercoms off charge and checked. GoPros placed in 6 different spots around the bug and helmets. Fluids double checked, nuts and bolts checked.

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9.30 – Pro-mod starts A1.

After watching a few other vehicles take out the right hand side cone on gate one, Jimmy and Ethan put together a plan to try and take gate one from a different angle to try to avoid the cone that was in the way.

The front left started to climb as they turned drivers, everything was looking good, a quick disconnect of the front diff allowed them to go rear only and slide the rear away from the cone.

Front back in.. The bug was doing exactly what was planned,until it slid into the crack and fell on its side.

Reverse was grabbed in hope to try and get the bug back on its wheels. With a spectacular effort to try and erect the bug back to its wheels, once fluid started to leak it was time to press the eject button and get out.

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A2 – After returning from pits from doing checks after being on their side, #346 lined up for their next course.
Clearing gates 1, 2, 3 the boys couldn’t quite get the bug to hook up trying gate 4 with the dirt to rock transfer. After a few attempts a quick front burn helped with some extra traction that was needed. With not much time left on the clock it was time to get out the finish gate.

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A3 – A quick pit stop to adjust tyre pressures along with some lunch. #346 lined up ready for the next course.
A3 saw the boys first minus score for the weekend with -8, with plenty of time on the clock after finishing gate 5 they aligned them selves for an attempt at the bonus to try and get back some points. Two attempts with no luck the guys decided to head out the finish gate with 2 minutes still on the clock.


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A4/Night stage – A quick bite to eat between A3/A4 the guys lined up ready to take on the night stage. By now the sun was down and the temperature dropping, but that didn’t stop the spectators all lined around the course ready to watch the Pro classes.
With a fairly consistent run through the course, while attempting a reverse off gate 5 to re align, a brake line got caught and put the pedal to the floor. A quick decision to take the left cone and get out the finish gate was made, resulting in not getting a DNF.


That completed Saturdays courses and the bug was assessed, a front brake line was found to be the culprit with a tear. With no spare lines for that particular part the front right caliper was blocked off and the front left was re-bled with a good pedal.


Sunday morning, after a long night helping their mates from #420 Team Green Hornet repair a damaged front custom housing, a nice warm coffee was on the cards.


B1 – Reversed run order from Saturdays order saw #346 the 3rd vehicle on course. Gate 3 was a very off camber gate which took some other bugs out, they tried to stay high but unfortunately the rear passenger took the cone. With the best score on that track before taking away the tyre penalty, it was a good start to Sunday.

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B2 – An absolute clean perfect run, no cones, no reverses and plenty of time to attempt the bonus. The bonus being the same bonus as A3 from the previous day, #346 was the first and only Pro-mod to attempt the bonus. First attempt slid them to right which lined them up nicely for a second attempt, with the front left was half a metre of the ground as they climbed the right hand line, Team Lock n load got the top of the bonus. With an unfortunately touch of the right cone and minimal time left it was time to get out the finish gate before the DNF time. On the way off the bonus the passenger rear clipped the other cone resulting in costing them more points then what the bonus was worth, but being the only vehicle in Pro-mod to attempt and get over the big rock – was an accomplishment for the Team in its self.


Photo 10


Last and final course for the day
The shoot out -
#346 cleared the course with no cone touches, even though some of the unlimiteds were touching cones with rear steer!
The finish gate was an 80-85 degree 5-6m vertical rock face, unfortunately could not get the traction to get out the finish gate. No Pro-mods got out the finish gate which resulted in a Tie finish.

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Summary of the weekend;

#346 – Ethan and Jimmy are super proud to be apart of the WeRockOz family, James, AL, Mike and Dave have done a great job getting it back running.

A big thanks to the property owner Pete for allowing us to use his property.

A big thanks to our sponsors Offroad Cartel, Sa Led Lighting and accessories, Rampt customs and Wyong Automatics.


Congratulations to Phil and Mitch for taking first place in the Pro classes, both drove exceptionally well.
See you all at Round 4 in Tenterfield, an old stomping ground for the old WeRock series, we look forward to heading North.




Ethan & Jimmy

Team Lock n load.


Photo credit to Kat Grima

by Danny Curran